Monday, July 25, 2011


life blurs. kids scream angry. this mama shakes and fumes. tears spilling.
the list is empty. I go a whole weekend without listing, without thanking, and it shows.
my soul shrivels.  i am an ingrate. refusing what comes from His hand.
thinking I could choose better than He.

so this morning. the hard eucharisteo. (#4421-#4431)

passionate little boys. brimful of emotion.
being completely undone. at a loss.
silly. wild. strong. all boy.

emotional deluge. flood of tears.
You. my anchor in the storm.
how You grant wisdom to those who ask.
permission to beat against Your chest.
how You envelope me.
grace. always grace. for me. for little ones.

being in this together. You and me.  me and Josh.
this gift of clinging.

listening to this song.  Gratitude. Nichole Nordeman.


  1. May the Lord give you grace for this week. Thank you for the reminder to be grateful. I'm making my own list as well, but haven't passed the thousand mark yet!

  2. "how You envelope me"... it's breathtaking and soothing and the safe place we most long to be. Beautiful words of gratitude.

  3. loving the humility to share the hard eucharisteo and take it to the One who can envelope us in a deeper grace. Precious gratitude!

  4. Yes, may GOD give you the grace you need, the encouragement, the eyes to see beyond that which you see.



  5. Glad you stumbled on my blog so I could stumble upon yours. I will put your family and Uganda on my prayer list for the week. Also, I noticed your last post about praying for individual students and would love to pray for a student or two for the school year. I am a teacher myself and am constantly praying for my own students. feel free to send me an email with the first name of a student or two.

  6. How blessed I am that you found my blog at Ann's place and left a comment. As I read your post I could feel the Lord touching my heart. Thank you! I am so impressed that you are past the 4000 mark. I'll begin praying for you and your family as you do the Lord's work.

  7. Kelly, this is truly one of the more poetic, more heart touching, spirit filling, things that I have read. It's a little bit Ann Voskamp-ish.

    the emotional deluge, flood of tears, anchor in the storm, how he envelops, and the cord of three, you, and your husband, and your God.

    Breathtaking – and it made me want to pray for you, so I hope you don't mind that I did. God bless and keep you and all of yours Kelly.


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