Friday, July 22, 2011

on the offensive

"The unit with which I served in the Second World War had the experience of liberating many prisoners and slave laborers.  In order to do so, we had to overpower the troops that held them.  It would have been folly to suppose that the enemy was going to allow us to invade his territory and free the captives without resistance." -Timothy M. Warner, Spiritual Warfare

Heritage Secondary Chapel in May 2011
We are approaching this school year at Heritage International School with a little fear and trepidation- we are aware of the spiritual battle being waged there- and we are not foolish enough to believe we won't get caught in the crossfire.  But that being said, we're confident of our position in Christ, seated with Him in the heavenlies, from which we can launch our attack!  And we need you! 

This year, we're praying that many would be liberated from their spiritual bondage, and set free in Christ!  And we are asking God for 260 prayer warriors to join us in interceding for each student currently enrolled at Heritage. 

Water Balloons at Youth Bash 2011 @ Heritage International School
Would you consider adopting one or two students and praying regularly and specifically for their salvation and walk with the Lord?  We cannot carry all these students on our own.  It would be folly to suppose the enemy will let us waltz in and carry off his prisoners- so also be in prayer for us.  That the blood of Christ would be our covering- that we would stay grounded in the Word and prayer- that He would command His angels concerning us. 

Thank you.  We're utterly grateful for our fellow warriors. 


  1. Yes, I will pray! You are welcome to email me privately with first names of students. If I do not hear from you, I wll be praying for all the students as a whole. I go to the Lord each morning with a list of specific requests and praises, asking Him to do great things. I totally believe in prayer and fasting. Joining you.

  2. Yes Count me in. Send me a child or two to pray for.


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