Monday, August 15, 2011

Nothing lovelier...

"Nothing is lovelier to me than filling our lives with people we love; with our children and families, with neighbors, with Christian friends.  Upon making new acquaintances my first instinct is to bring them home, to flood our home and lives with humanity- its voices, its forms, its ideas, its beauty, its brokenness." -Karen Mains, Open Heart Open Home

Grateful for the people He fills my life with (#4576-4596)

--family. here.
--happy cousin squeals.
-- Safe journey from Arua

-- a sisiter-in-law. friend. who understands this life of mine.
--i am not alone.

-- this WGM family
-- a meal around the table
-- a welcome and a goodbye
-- Big MKs willing to play Toy Story Uno with us

-- littlest cousin savoring a "Grandma Laurie Cookie"
-- tastes of home
-- a delicious legacy

-- rough-housing on the lawn
-- play in the glow of the setting sun
-- a new friend welcomed into our circle

--skype date with my kindred.
--the miles not feeling quite so large when I can see her face
-- african brothers and sisters
-- worshipping our Father
-- life, joy, peace, dancing, warm greetings
-- fellowship in Him, our common bond

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  1. It is fun to visit you (from Ann's) and see your photos and read your list. thanks for sharing!


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