Monday, August 22, 2011

Deep Cleansing Breath...

...I sent my babies off to school today for the first time. The questions linger in my mind- did I prepare them well enough for this day? Are they secure enough in my love? Do they know God never leaves nor forsakes them? Are they ready to choose friends wisely, and be a good friend?

A chapter is closing, and new one is already being written. This is another chance to let go, and watch them fall into the loving hands of God. I can trust Him with my babies. And so, I am very grateful as we begin a new season of life together as a family. We are also thankful to have witnessed another new beginning for Emmy Mugisha and his family, as he was ordained as an AGC Reverend yesterday!


--bending low. entering their world. having fun.
--embracing this moment.
--little boy sound effects

--kisses from a sweet boy
--just this. love.  innocence. purity.  delight.

--a Radiator Springs tea party
--those dimples and smiling eyes.

--a little getaway
--this handmade ring
--vanilla rooibos tea latte on my balcony.
--meeting You in the Word
--Your voice calling, "Come away, My beloved"

--Ugandans rejoicing!
--celebrating two godly men

--Emmy and Winnie. beaming. proud.
--this calling they have received.  the church affirming the culmination of preparation.
--To God Be the Glory- sung with gusto!

--end of 3 hour church
--freedom on the playground
--Seth and Caleb getting out there and making friends.

--matooke and g-nut sauce. traditional Ugandan food
--made with love.

--first day of school
--two very excited little boys
--a smooth morning routine
--grace and strength to let go
--teachers who will love them and challenge them
--a good school
--their Daddy on campus
--Alpha and Omega- the God of the endings and the beginnings.
--bittersweet solitude
--You- near to the brokenhearted
--little man whispering- "I'm gonna miss you" and giving me a kiss on the head. sigh. savoring this moment.


  1. I pray Jesus meets you in some precious ways in your moments of solitude this year.

    Your boys are so precious! I love the pictures.

  2. Such sweet boys! They grow so fast. Those precious kisses and words are sweet memories. Enjoyed reading your list:)

  3. What a beautiful list. I appreciate the love for your boys as you send them to their first day of school. I pray that Jesus fills your heart with peace and joy during this transition.

  4. I randomly clicked on your blog on Ann Voskamp's wall today. Your pictures are beautiful. Grace and blessings to you and your family. Lifting your name in prayer.

  5. So glad you commented on my Multitude Monday post today so that I would find your blog! God has made a special place in our hearts for Uganda this year through some other blogs and a reconnection with an old friend who has been and plans to be again doing mission work there. We will be following your blog and adding you to our prayer list!

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  7. What a beautiful list! Thanks for stopping by.


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