Monday, September 26, 2011

Family. Here.

through pouring rain we drive.  early on a Saturday morning.  the city streets gushing, red clay mud flowing.

the rain gives way to light.  we emerge from the city and we're out in rolling green hills, dotted with banana trees. clusters of huts emerge from the bush.  life goes on slowly as we fly by. 

 we're on a mission.  drive 8 hours North to attend a training, and see our family.  our family. here. in Uganda.  such a gift. 

how incredible that God has called my family and my brothers family to the same country.  we do different work.  we live in different settings.  but they are here.  and we are grateful.

gifts from His hand, as we serve Him here:

4911.  banana trees all along the way
4912.  fruit stands with fruit piled high
4913.  long, bumpy, hilly roads stretching up into the clouds
4914.  chapati while we wait for our tire to be repaired
4915.  baboons- sober sentries along the road
4916.  the Nile- wild, crashing, powerful in Karuma
4917.  safe journey to Arua

4918.  seeing family here.  where they spend their days.
4919.  beautiful boy. in a beautiful mess.
4920.  blocks illumined by the afternoon sun.
4921.  delicious pasta.

4922.  Sabbath rest.
4923.  lots of books
4924.  women ululating- in praise of their God
4925.  rhythmic drums. smiling faces. worship.
4926.  greeting everyone in church
4927.  Your body. Your blood.  grace for all Your people.
4928.  the family of God- across oceans- still one.
4929.  Caleb learning what Sabbath is
4930.  a cup of tea on the veranda

4931.  brothers-in-law.
4932.  creating a new game.
4933.  healthy competition.
4934.  testosterone
4935.  watching the Eagles play football- on the internet in Arua!

4936.  cousins. doing school together.
4937.  the letter L. the number 6.
4938.  Caleb learning so much at school.
4939.  witnessing his new skills

4940.  A walk to the duka (little roadside shop)
4941.  cousins on an adventure in Africa.
4942.  this. is. our. life.
4943.  the privilege of serving You. here.
4944.  not getting bitten by too many ants
4945.  a candy treat at the duka.
4946.  fresh, ripe, avocado.

4947.  all the cousins.
4948.  Benjamin can join in on the fun!
4949.  being here to celebrate his first birthday
4950.  rowdy, happy, wild boys! all glory.

4951.  You who have called us.
4952.  You who sustain us with good gifts scattered liberally.
4953.  You who are the Gift we're here to proclaim.


  1. "You are the gift we are here to proclaim."



  2. This was a fabulous read for me! I love the photos and when I think that you're near the Nile - something I've only read about - it gives me a thrill! The boys are adorable.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog, Sweet Blessings!

    How incredible that you are serving God in Uganda! And how awesome that your family is there with you. Love your pictures and your list.

  4. so excited to connect with you, kelly! your new life in uganda looks so beautiful and blessed. loved your sabbath pictures too! its giving me ideas.

  5. Kelly, sorry I’ve been gone so long, you know what this month has been for me, you’ve been by, thank you for being so nice. Anyway, your every post is precious because of where you are and what you to know and the choices you make and the love you have. And your list? Almost first place goes to the rowdy playful boys – there's a lot of joy in that statement. And almost second place goes to your brothers in Uganda. But first place – the gift you're there to proclaim, and I just said a prayer for you guys – you and your family and all those who you meet. God bless and keep you and all of yours.


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