Friday, October 07, 2011

A Day in the Life...

... on a random Friday...

Ever wonder just what we do all day?  Well, here is a glimpse of our day today :)

6:00am- crawl into bed with Seth, hoping to convince him to go back to sleep for just a few more minutes.
6:15am- head downstairs with two boys for breakfast and Bible time
7:00am-get Caleb dressed, packed and out the door for school. 
8:00am- just me and Seth home for the morning- playing, snacking, coloring/working...

9:00am- Josh is at school leading chapel for the elementary students

9:30am- Greet Gloria, and go over the cleaning schedule for the day

9:38am- clean up an adorable mess

10:00am- Josh comes home to plan our talk for tomorrow's session at UFC Camp (university students retreat on an island on Lake Victoria)

11:45am- Pick up Caleb from school

 12:00pm- Make and eat Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches. every. day.

12:30pm- Unwind from school

12:34pm- Josh went to the grocery store for the 4th time this week, and tried for the 3rd time to buy propane only to find "It is finished. They have promised it by evening"

1:00pm- Nap-time/Quiet Hour

2:00pm- Keep napping, playing, reading, coloring, going outside (while I try and get some work done, e-mails written, blog posts up).

2:30pm- Josh has worship practice with Elementary students

3:15pm- Josh has youth group at Heritage

6:00pm- Pizza Dinner- opening our house to a bunch of guys- Friday night hang out

7:44pm hearing goat races... or ghost races... in our living room. interrupted up by Amazing Grace in operatic tone. random. boys.

8:00pm- Bedtime routine for boys-clean up toys, take a bath, brush teeth, read books, pray together, go to bed.

9:00pm- Catch up with Josh

Probably doesn't look too different from your life.  We're normal people living out God's calling on our lives.  And there are some days I drive down the road, catch a glimpse of Lake Victoria, swerve out of the way of someone driving in my lane and realize afresh-  And there are other days when it's just life as usual.  I could very likely do the same exact things in New Jersey as I'm doing here- so take heart- your daily life counts. 

We are investing in young lives for eternity:  our boys, the students at Heritage,and the young adults at Kampala International University.  Who are you investing in?  If you pray for us- then you're investing here too!  Don't take that calling lightly.  We need you. 

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