Monday, September 19, 2011

Grateful for Sabbath

after the week we just had, there is nothing more precious than God's command to rest.  Spiritual Emphasis Week at Heritage was good- but trying to communicate God's grace to hard hearts is exhausting.  The Youth Event we hosted here was a great success- but I baked 4 loaves of Italian bread, and fed 40 people Friday night.  On my way to speak at Heritage on Thursday, I was in a car accident- but everyone is ok!

by Saturday we were ready to rest.  and God graciously refreshed us over the course of two days.

excerpts of Sabbath gifts #4849-4877

--him letting me sleep until 9am.
--listening to the rain fall gently outside, while cozy in my own bed.
--no one needing me

--Sabbath. pure gift.  Your command "to cease from that which is necessary and embrace that which gives life."
--You, knowing we are dust, and creating a healthy rhythm for us of work and rest
--a day of "yes"

--laughter. irrepressible joy. contagious.


--playing in the warm sun

--pausing to capture beauty


--taking time to create with Seth
--dancing wild- in praise of You

--You, moving among us
--Your Spirit teaching us to pray
--the stirrings of Your Holy Spirit
--the privilege of participating with You


  1. Yes, wonderful gifts, especially Sabbath. What would we do without it? And time without any demands on us. Oh beautiful. :) Love reading gifts.

  2. love the sabbath. . . love that God knew our needs, knew we would need it, knew we would need Him. just love God. period. :-)


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