Thursday, September 15, 2011

oh the lengths he'll go to...

the road to school.  another day, another drive.  except this day was different.  a car rammed us from behind as we stopped to let the car in front of us turn.  we're all fine.  even our car is fine, just a few scratches.  but his car.  badly damaged in front.  and his heart, belligerent. angry.  even though it was definitely not my fault.

i knew, with Spiritual Emphasis Week, that we'd be a special target for our enemy.  and he waited awhile- it's Thursday!  but the spiritual warfare is so evident-  this day- the only day i was speaking to the secondary students- the day i was speaking on grace- grace they so desperately need. 

but your prayers are working!  today could have had a different ending- we could have gotten injured- our boys could have freaked out- the man could have gotten violent- a mob could have formed to obtain "justice"- our car could have been wrecked.  But God is gracious. God is faithful.  And He is still on His throne.

There are still legal processes to go through- thanks, Vanessa, for watching ALL our BOYS while we went to give our statement to the police- how good to have a friend around to be there with us this day.  And Jon Mayo has been amazing, coming to my rescue on the side of the road, and continuing the negotiations with that angry man on my behalf.  So please pray that it is resolved quickly and peacefully.    

Thank you for carrying us.  We feel it and we need it!  And pray for other missionaries around the world- we need your prayers more than we'll ever know!

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