Monday, September 05, 2011

I am Blessed.

it's a fact.  God has given life and breath and salvation.  I am blessed.  And at 4:30am, when the music from the clubs is blasting in my windows, and babies are crying, and I am starting my day against my will.  This is the song ringing in my ears from the DJs booth- "I am Blessed by Mr Vegas" (*warning, not a Christian video, but no cursing).

How like God to turn a frustrating moment, into a teachable moment.  The particular version blaring this morning had a bridge that said "I love my life. I love my life. I love my life"  And it's true.  I love my life.  We're living the dream.  We're finally here.  And so here is the gift list this week:

excerpts of gifts #4718-4758

--this solitary half hour. cup of tea and Your Word.
--the mountains cloaked in fog
--this morning symphony, picturing You, the Great Conductor and Composer- cue birds, now dogs, sun, clouds, hues and rays
--peace and joy, knowing You orchestrate my days
--a new friend- see the story here or here

--a walk for gathering beauty
--just me and my little man
--rosy blossoms, lifting faces to sun
--trumpeting the day- declaring Your glory

--a gorgeous view of Lake Victoria
--the beauty of moms gathering
--a cup of tea and shared stories
--little ones playing happily underfoot.
--bits of chocolate at the corners of his mouth
--a splashy pool in the garden
--what a glorious childhood they're having
--how blessed we are to be raising our family in Africa

What are the blessings in your life today?? 

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