Friday, September 09, 2011

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Heritage International School Campus
We long for God to move at Heritage International School, and next week we are creating space for Him to come and visit the staff and students.  During Spiritual Emphasis Week we intentionally come together as a body, and set aside time for God to meet us.  There are daily chapel services, morning prayers, and a youth event on Friday. This year's theme is: Wholly HIS!

Photo courtesy of Lisa Fish 2009
 "Revival is when we come to the realization that Jesus Himself is the only One who is able to meet the deepest needs of our lives, and we stop looking elsewhere." -Jeannine Brabon

Will you pray for revival at Heritage?  Will you fast and pray that each one would be WHOLLY HIS?
photo courtesy of Lisa Fish 2009
"God delivered the people of Israel from the "iron-smelting" Egypt (Deut 4:20).  God delivers you and me from this present evil age (Gal. 1:4) for these five reasons that never change:
  • to be His very own special possession
  • to live in an eternal covenant relationship with the lavish love of the Triune God
  • to be the sanctuary of His dwelling
  • to claim and live in the land of promise
  • to reveal His holiness- the nature of the God of love to the nations" -excerpt from Lydia Prayer Journal
Will you pray that these five statements would be reality for each student and teacher at Heritage?   If you are praying for a specific student this year- pray for them by name- that God would meet them and they would choose to be WHOLLY HIS this year! 

"When God wants to change human history, He begins with an intercessor."-Beth Coppedge
Will you be that one?  

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