Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hoarse hallelujahs

We have been struggling through fevers, colds, sinus infection the past two weeks.  After tons of tissues, lots of water, gallons of hand-washing, mugs of hot tea, piles of patience and countless long nights.  I was done yesterday.  At the end of myself.  At the end of myself- and only just the beginning of Him!  And how grateful I am that He is immense, and enough, and all I could ever need.

gifts from His hand:
#5045. Your good timing- my sinus infection not setting in until Josh came home from retreat!
#5046.  Not being given any more than I can bear.
#5047.  Caleb playing nicely while Seth and I passed out napped on the couch
#5048.  a husband who encourages me to take care of myself
#5049.  healthcare just 5 minutes away
#5050.  resources to pay the lab fees

#5051.  You holding me, while I held Seth to get his blood drawn.
#5052.  no malaria!
#5053.  a knowledgeable, friendly doctor.
#5054.  chicken soup in a packet- easy comfort
#5055.  water for my parched throat after hours of waiting at IHK
#5056.  Josh picking up an antibiotic for me 
#5057.  him sending me to bed at 7:30pm

#5058.  soft tissue, peppermint tea, and a good book from Meg
#5059  12 uninterrupted hours of sleep!
#5060.  boys sleeping until 8am!

#5061.  all their toys disinfected and drying in the sun

singing hallelujahs with the multitudes even when it's hard


  1. How fun to find your blog - my aunt and uncle are currently living and working in Zambia! So not fun to be sick, it's one thing to care for sick kiddos but a whole other to be sick yourself. So hard. Hope this week is a healthier one. Many blessings on your family!

  2. so glad I ran across your blog from Ann's site- prayers for everyone to get better and prayers for the work you are doing in Uganda!

  3. and my favorite from your list – the soft tissues – the passing out – I heart the well-placed cross out – and the toys lying disinfected on the ground. I don't even know you guys – yet I'm so proud of you and what you do – and your spirit – and your heart! I learn so much from reading, I catch just bits and pieces of your spirit – your love – your mission. And I'm just proud – I just wanted to say that. God bless you, I just finished a prayer for the health of your whole family, and God keep you and each and every one of yours Kelly.

  4. Hope you're all feeling better.

    What a sweet blog you have.


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