Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year!

2012 is upon us.  A whole bright new year awaits.  The glittering possibilities dazzle my imagination.  But if I only jump into this new year with my high hopes and great ideas, I will be sorely disappointed.  This year, I must have Him.  I haven't lived that way lately, and oh, I want to. 

So I'm taking some time to evaluate 2011, and plan for 2012- seek His face, set some goals, and dedicate 2012 to the Lord!  I'm using this great resource: Mission-Minded Guide: 2012

We're having some of our WGM team over to celebrate on NYE, but we're going to ring in the new year on our knees.  We'll play some games, eat some food, make some noise, and then after the ball drops, we'll drop to our knees.  Because we dare not enter the year without Him. 

Where is He leading you this next year?  What habits do you want to cultivate?  What will you name the year of 2012?  Need some accountability?  Try out this day planner- that puts first things first.  I'm still not quite sure where He wants my ministry focus next year, but I am certain He wants my soul focus on Him. 

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