Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fedex in Uganda?


the traffic.  the boda bodas (motorcycles).  the people.  the bikes.  sometimes the cows or goats.  it gets crazy.  and stressful.  we pray a lot when we drive.  and there are days like this  that just make us laugh.  fedex.  not a truck.  a boda boda.  perfect.  this is africa.

now, we don’t recommend sending packages via fedex.  they are crazy expensive.  but if you are interested in sending us packages there is a Care Package Ideas tab at the top of the blog.

We love hearing from you, whether it's e-mail, a postcard, or a package!  Keep an eye on your mailbox as well- if we have your mailing address we're going to write you a card at some point this year!

What cultural things do you want to see on this This Is Africa slot each Thursday?  Pictures?  Stories? Traditions?  Recipes?  Video?  Do you have any questions about life in Uganda?  Leave them in the comments- we'll post the answers next week!

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