Monday, January 30, 2012

the Happy and the Hard

Life here is such the dichotomy between the "haves" and the "have-nots".  And you cannot leave your home without coming face to face with poverty and wealth.  If we have eyes to see, this stark contrast will keep us grateful and prayerful.  But when we focus on the needs around us, or on our own lavish wealth- we feel powerless or guilty- or both.  And so we fix our eyes on the One who will one day make all things right.  And we keep giving Him thanks, especially when it's hard.

listing the happy and the hard, and giving thanks in all things excerpts from # 5580-5623

#5580.  happy: fun plans for adventure today
#5581.  happy: silly faces in traffic
#5582.  happy: a treasure map
#5583.  happy: giddy boys
#5584.  happy: a playground surrounded by a lovely garden, and a tree fort!

#5585.  hard: baby begging. You are El Roi, the God-Who-Sees.
#5586.  hard: children peering in our windows, hands out.  us refusing to feed the cycle.  with breaking hearts every time.
#5587.  hard: every drive into town bringing us face to face with needs that only You can meet.  making us pause and evaluate how You'd have us be Your hands and feet.

#5608.  happy: a little excursion to burn some energy
#5609.  happy: a new mall on our side of the city
#5610.  happy: towering shops and bouncy houses
#5611.  happy: boy laughing and sweaty

#5612.  hard: the sight that catches me off guard
#5613.  hard: poverty just out that door
#5614.  hard: children watching mine frolic and play
#5615.  hard: this growing awareness, this increased sensitivity- it's a good thing- sharing Your burden for the world. crying Your tears.

#5616.  happy: evidence of little boys
#5617.  happy: toy bugs strewn in morning light

#5618.  hard: real bug trapped in our screen. keeping me from getting comfortable.
#5619.  hard: reminders we're not in Jersey anymore. roaches and ants our constant companions.
#5620.  hard: this finding joy right where we're called to be, when it hurts and cries and shocks.
#5621.  hard: You inviting me to enter in to Your story, here and now.  In the pain and the poverty. Won't You come by here?

#5622.  happy: this world is not our home.
#5623.  happy: You are coming again to set all things right! Hallelujah! Come, Lord Jesus!

#5624.  happy: listening to this song on repeat!


  1. I never, never tire of reading the lists of those who post through Ann V. So many things to notice and be grateful for. Like how you divide categories into "happy" and "hard".

  2. Oh my goodness- that cockroach would be on my "hard hallelujah" list, too! Thank you for sharing a little peek into your day. I love checking in to see what's happening. I hope you rest easier this week!


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