Monday, January 23, 2012


"Joy's a matter of gratitude. And gratitude is a matter of perspective. What matters then is that He gives us eyes to really see." -Ann Voskamp

When you're really seeing- 
And when you have adorable kids, it's even easier. 
Excerpts of joy gifts #5436-5519:

#5436.  gift that made me laugh: Seth's contagious giggles
#5440.  gift from Your Word: "not one of all the good promises the Lord your God gave you has failed.  Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed." -Joshua 23:14
#5441.  gift from Your Word: "Behold, I am coming again soon!" -Revelation 22:12  Joy!  You are coming soon!
#5445.  monkey birds, laughing birds, song birds- joy sounds!

#5455.  chatting happily while the boys play
#5456.  boys and trucks and water- joy play!
#5457.  a real friend here.  sharing joys and struggles.

#5460.  playground! recess!  school joy!

#5480.  a dude's day at a baseball game.  a baseball game in Uganda!  boy joy!
#5481.  a few hours peace and solitude.  mama joy!

#5516.  Gloria here- helping with the boys
#5519.  simple joy- a ball and a hill

#5482.  one thing from my memory: baby belly laughs. caught on video.  circa January 2009.  pure joy

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Our Adventure with Boys. What a beautiful blog and I am encouraged by your list of endless gifts!


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