Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesdays With...

Emily, me and Isabella- Dec 2011
life rushes by.  we long to have impact, to leave a legacy.  people come and go (and they really come and go quickly in university and international settings).  so we have to distill our message to essentials.  if i only have one semester with this person, what do i really want them to know?  what habits do i want to model and pass on?  there is pressure to make our meetings and conversations count.  but the good news is, they can go with God.  He isn't finished with them when they leave my circle of influence- I was simply privileged to be a small part of their story.

On Tuesdays With... we hope to focus on some of the people in our current circle of influence.  And we will have ceaseless resources as people come and go from this place! 

Meet Emily and Isabella- they were both in my small group from KIU last semester.  Emily graduated and moved on.  Isabella is taking on leadership of the group this semester.  Wednesdays at 5pm finds me on the campus of KIU in a dorm room, sharing tea or juice with this sweet group of ladies.  We open the word, we laugh, we pray.  And I get to pass on what God has taught me!  We spent last semester finding out what it means to be a Lady in Waiting, and working on being the right person- not finding Mr Right!  This semester we're going to learn what it means to be Completely Irresistible- not to the opposite sex- but to a lost and dying world! 

There are always people ahead of us on the journey to learn from, always people in our same stage of life to relate with and always people behind us whom we are to teach!  Who is pouring into your life?  Who's life are you pouring into?  Who really gets you, right where you are?  If your life is lacking one of these important roles, will you take steps to change that? 

Tell us about someone in your life who has mentored you, or whom you have mentored.  How did their presence in your life change you? 

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  1. College ministry is such an awesome, amazing place. My oldest son was involved and it was such a growing, positive influence. I hope all my sons get involved this way!



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