Monday, January 16, 2012

You are Invited...

... by the God of the universe to walk with Him, to partner with Him, to know Him... wow. startling grace.

"My heart is glad when you walk close, with your hand in Mine, and we may talk over the plans for each day's journey and activities- work and pleasures- so that it becomes a happy way that we travel in mutual fellowship." Francis J Roberts, Come Away My Beloved

Counting the startling graces of being Yours:

#5397.  I can bring joy to Your heart, just by walking with You.
#5398.  You are happy to spend Your days with me.
#5399.  You want me to share in Your work in the world. 
#5400.  that mutual fellowship is even possible- because of what Jesus did on the cross- He tore the veil so I can enter in.
#5401.  You invite me to join You in blessing the world- who shall we bless today?
#5402.  the love gifts You send- glittering humming bird alighting on banana leaf- flitting away- a quick moment's gift
#5403.  homemade peppermint mocha
#5404.  sweet time in prayer with our team
#5405.  not one good word of Your promises ever fails


  1. Yes-- abundant grace! Great list and the mocha sounds yummy.

  2. Love that book Come Away My Beloved. We used it for a bible study but it is hard to find now.


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