Friday, February 10, 2012

400th Post! {and a giveaway}

Caleb being silly in daddy's tie
Get excited!  In honor of our 400th post- we thought we would do a little reminiscing and a giveaway!

Friday Five: Top Five Favorite Posts!  Take a look at some of our all-time favorite posts and get some history if you're a new follower, or stroll down memory lane with us if you've been with us since the beginning!  Scroll down to see giveaway details!

Sethman being crazy with water
  1. Enough- 2006 I started blogging as a new mom.  This post is just a glimpse into my life and what I was clinging to in those early mommy-hood days with my firstborn!
  2. Turned Upside-down- 2008 ah, the struggles of adding another baby to the family!  and some of our first stirrings towards Uganda... God was doing a lot of big stuff that year!
  3. The In-Between Times- 2008 I love this post for so many reasons!  The quote is great, (I recommend that book for anyone wanting cherish every moment with their little ones), it's just an average glimpse into our life, nothing grand or spectacular just loving the everyday, and that date is still one of our favorite memories!  And the autumn leaves- so lovely- don't see those in Uganda!
  4. Are there Giants in Uganda?- 2011 a post from Josh on our journey to Uganda.  It took us two years to raise our funds, and we wanted to hurry God, but as our departure neared we wanted Him to slow down :)  His timing is best!
  5. The Happy and the Hard- a gratitude post.  one where i wrestle with the hard eucharisteo of living in a third world culture.

***And details for the giveaway***
  • We will be choosing 5 random people to win a Ugandan craft (bark cloth bookmark, or batik wall hanging).  
  • Leave a comment to enter.  Tell us your favorite post, or something you've learned from reading our blog or ask us a question about missions or Uganda! Make sure there is a way we can contact you, if we can't find contact info we will select another winner.
  • Winner will be announced Tuesday, 14 February.  You may comment until 12midnight EST, 13 February to win!
  • For an additional entry, you may leave a comment letting us know you subscribe to our blog or we're in your feed-reader. 


  1. Here is my favorite post...I loves the story about Wilson, I remember meeting him but I never heard his story! Lauren Tilden

  2. I love the "happy and hard" post. Such a great reminder that we are blessed, and really have no cause to complain...which I often catch myself doing...This post is a good loving rebuke...I need to appreciate more what I DO have instead of getting caught up in what I Do NOt have...Because I have so much more already than so many...Thanks for the reality check!

  3. Through tuning into your blog, I was introduced to the book 1000 gifts, which literally just changed the way I look at life. I would see your posts and pictures numbering what you were thankful for, the good and the bad, the big and the little, and I wanted to tap into that kind of living too. Your blog introduced me to eucharisteo, but even better, how to practically live out a life of thanks. So I'd like to share #673 of my own- reminders to be thankful by randomly stumbling onto your blog.

  4. My favorite would have to be #4. I've found it amazing in my life how you can feel like some things can't come fast enough while others come and go so quickly. Either way, we're glad that God wanted you to stay for as long as you did so we could see you guys a couple extra times! ;)

  5. I don't have a particular favorite blog post, but I do enjoy the photos you post almost every time a new entry is written. It's one thing to read about what you are experiencing, but it is an entirely other wonderful experience to SEE it as well. :)

  6. I also have your blog on my feed reader :)

  7. I am going to get the book you refer to about enjoying our kids when they are little! We have friends who are missionaries in Uganda. There are actually cloth diapers on a little MK baby that I passed on when my first attempt at cloth diapering failed.


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