Monday, February 27, 2012

enter and receive.

some days the gifts are wrapped in ribbon and smiles.  easy to spot.  easy to receive.
other days the gifts are buried beneath a layer of dirt.  hard to find.  harder still to receive. 
this year of "enter in" has me receiving each moment as a gift.  He beckons me to enter this moment, this battle, this story.  fully.  and it has been joy and struggle.

and so i keep counting- the joys and the trials- as pure gift from a good God:

sweet, silly boys catching raindrops on tongues
good friends. here.
head tipped back, mouth open wide, receiving this very moment.

team-building games, like a shrinking island and a spider web
the privilege of partnering with these african university students
laughter and smiles, truth and revelation through games
watching them prepare to change the world

a counter full of dishes
students pitching in
happy work of hospitality
this house full to the brim

poor little man home sick
rest for his body
doctors nearby if he needs to be treated
cheap medicine
being there when he needs me


  1. i am visiting from ann's link up - you are the link right before mine. i have had a sick little guy too and realize the gift of getting to be with him while he doesn't feel well. blessings!

    my recent post: dreaming of a getaway

  2. "other days the gifts are buried beneath a layer of dirt. hard to find. harder still to receive."
    How very true!


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