Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesdays With Student Leaders

Edwin and Caleb
van stuffed with people, unloading at our home at 8am on Friday.  chai brewing on the stove.  chairs filling our living room.  voices ascending in praise to our God.  laughter.  prayer.  team-building.  solitude.  this weekend we held the university student Leaders Retreat at our house.  what a blessing!

Edwin is one of the interns this year, and Caleb has become fast friends with him!  whenever Edwin comes to meet with Josh he has to plan an extra 15 minutes to see Caleb's latest coloring pages!  I love that our boys are getting to meet and enjoy some of our african friends.  what a blessing it is to see them welcoming these ones into our home and into our hearts!  and they are learning what it means to serve and love the people God places in our lives.  for that i am grateful. 
Kelly and Mary

Mary is one of our student leaders- she reminds me so much of my sister (and they are the same age!).  Mary is at every activity, so involved, and one of our youngest leaders.  I am glad we get to keep her around for awhile!  Many of our leaders are upperclassmen who will be graduating soon, so it's vital that we find and train up the younger students like Mary! 

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