Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Release the River!

There is much evil and darkness on this beautiful continent.  So many who don't know Jesus, such mighty strongholds.  And my brother is called to take the light into one of these dark places- the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  He is actually taking a night bus (pray for his safety!!) tonight to Kampala to sort out some VISA issues, before his trip into the DRC next week (read more about his itinerary here).

Watch this clip and the join us in praying!

"Holy Spirit release the river of Your power across East Africa!  Pour forth with such power that it knocks down strongholds, and tears down walls.  We see the enemy nervous, blocked in a corner; he is dangerous.  But You are the Almighty!  Protect Scott and Billy, Meg and Joanna and the kids from any retaliation he might send.  Post Your angels at every point of conflict.  We claim the victory already won for us at Calvary, and stand strong in the face of a defeated foe!  Bring glory to Yourself as we lift You high!  In the strong and matchless name of Jesus we pray. Amen."

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  1. praying for you all and especially for Scott today.

    And I agree in Jesus name for the release of the Holy Spirit across E. Africa "Come Jesus, Come"


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