Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tuesdays with MKs

Some of the coolest kids I know are MKs (missionary kids) and TCKs (third culture kids).  they are well travelled, take crazy culture stuff in stride and have really cool stories.  oh, and they are funny.  we love working at Heritage where we interact with these awesome kids on a daily basis. 

Friday night we had a few MKs over for pizza, wii and a movie.  oh, when you have a movie night you don’t set up a screen and a projector?  we love that we have access to mission equipment in the name of “ministry”!  and these kids are a worthy cause.  it’s tough some days being in a strange culture, without all the comforts of home the states (fact: most MK's wouldn’t call their passport culture “home”)- and you just want to play wii and eat pizza and feel “normal”.  or maybe you’re going through some personal stuff and you just want someone to talk to.  that’s why we serve at Heritage.  and we love it.  I get to open up our house to youth, bake them snickerdoodles, and watch them play with my kids and just have fun!  we are so blessed! 

is there someone in your life that could use a safe place to hang out?  or a listening ear?  sometimes that is all it takes to be a “missionary”! or if you want to join us in blessing MKs sending iTunes gift cards is always a welcome gift.  or if you know some families with young MKs you could make this- it would be a huge blessing (it takes at least an hour before the food arrives at most restaurants!)!

Guess that movie- leave your guess in the comments section!

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