Thursday, February 02, 2012


traffic.  it's just a reality here in Kampala.  so we play the "Make a Traffic Face" game, and the "Opposites Game" (where you complain about traffic while flying down the road, or rejoice in the speedy travel whilst sitting in traffic, AKA the "Sarcasm Game").  we tell stories.  we sing songs.  and we pray. a lot.  we pray "Jesus, make this car smaller than it really is to fit through this space."  and we pray "May Your angels be the unseen buffer between us and anything we cannot control."  and the ever popular "Jesus, keep us."  I pray that one a lot. 

So, the next time you hop in your car for a quick trip to Target, say a prayer for us.  Or the next time you're sitting in traffic, pass the time by lifting us up to the Father.  Pray for safety on the roads, for happy travelers, and for our car to stay functional and reliable! 

Thank you for traveling this road with us! 

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