Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Tuesdays with Preschoolers

joy.  energy.  life.  gusto.  speed.  chaos.  laughter.  

one of my new jobs is Preschool Music Teacher!  this semester i am filling in once a week in Caleb's class.  i LOVE preschool!  and i really enjoying spending time with them each Friday- sparking a love for music and movement. experimenting with musical instruments, watching Little Einsteins- learning words like pianissimo and fortissimo and dancing like crazy!  so. fun.

this week we got to catch a glimpse into Seth's class- just what do they do in Play Group all day?  they have been exploring animal habitats!  they even turned their classroom into the arctic, desert, and jungle.  so much fun!

in chapel they told the story of Noah's Ark- can you spot Seth all the way in the back?  They did such a good job!  Cute little three year olds!  So proud of their enthusiasm and their following directions on stage!

 Who have you been spending time with lately?  What have they taught you?  Preschoolers constantly teach me that having fun isn't just allowed- it's essential!

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