Thursday, March 08, 2012

skies opening up

the grey clouds swirl and gather.  it's brewing in the late afternoon sky.  approaching from the east we see it coming.  race outside to witness storm glory.  as we pause to take it all in, we hear it.  drops of heaven pounding the earth.  the rain steadily marching up our hill.  thunder rumbles in the distance.  it rolls, gathers strength, and pours forth.  here it comes! here it is!  drops surprise us.  a cool refreshment on our faces, on the face of the earth. 

take a look.  we wish you could be here to experience it for yourself.  but since you're so far away, we hope this little glimpse into our life fills your heart with gladness, and gratitude.  as the rain falls on dry earth.  pray for His Spirit to fill thirsty hearts.

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