Monday, April 23, 2012

10 Days to Intentional Parenting

Last week I found a series of blog posts that slowed me down.  And it was wonderful.  I wasn't feeling that well, so slow was just my pace.  And I enjoyed every minute of week one: 10 Days of Intentional Parenting.  Looking forward to week two!

Her challenge on Day 3:  So today, my task for you is to start to document your life, your day, just a bit.
This is about intentionally beginning to see the beauty that is in your life around you
counting the gloriously mundane, finding beauty in the mess (#6294-#6324):

6294.  piles of books and crumbs in my bed- a cozy afternoon with my boys
6295.  giggling so hard we couldn't stop
6296.  a new toy car- saved for a rainy day

6299.  boys playing so nicely for 2 hours straight
6300.  laundry. done.
6301.  Caleb's "help" folding laundry

6310.  a mama-Seth day
6311.  doing what he wants to do.
6312.  his joy when i pay attention

6313.  an empty square on my calendar.
6314.  nothing to do but rest

6315.  bare-chested little man,
6316.. war-paint on his face
6317.  intently, and fearlessly, studying the grasshopper.

6318.  sunset glory.
6319.  pausing to savor
6320.  little boys who enjoy beauty

6321.  "far far" (an indian snack) fried for a delicious Family Game Night snack
6322.  sitting on the floor with all my men
6323.  time together.
6324.  this beautiful, everyday life.


  1. So glad I'm not the only one with crumbs on the bed! My boys are like Hansel and Gretel:) Great list!

  2. books and crumbs, evidence of the great gift of time shared (:

    an empty square on the calendar - what a beautiful thing

    all of your gifts wonderful....
    thank you for sharing your gifts here, all to His praise!


  3. Books and crumbs, and an empty square on the calendar. Life can't get any better than that! So glad I stopped by today. It was a blessing!

  4. Did the chocolate chips from Indiana ever arrive? Hope so!

  5. I loved reading your list this week! Your little boy playing cars and exploring the grasshopper bare-chested remind me so much of my 2YO son. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your grasshopper warrior was my favorite. I have one like that... my how they love bugs!


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