Monday, May 07, 2012


We've been so busy!  Nephews staying with us.  Nephew being born.  So I've stolen my husband's ipod touch this week and been all about instagram.  So here is our brief instagram gratitude this week. 


silly boy. posing for the camera. 
a glimpse back into my childhood (I was always posing for snapshots)
creative boy.  using what he has to make something. a glimpse into our daily fun.
gifts waiting for me.  a glimpse at my birthday celebration.

this yummy cake. the boys' idea- chocolate cake. white icing.  and cherries on top.
a glimpse of my husband's birthday celebration.
sunset glory.  a glimpse at His grandeur. 

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  1. This list just might be one of my favorites ever ;)

    I'm still praying for your sweet family - have a wonderful week!


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