Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tuesdays with Josiah!

We've been a little busy around here- waiting for Josiah to be born.  And then we had to wait a little longer until we could meet him.  But he is here!

On Sunday morning our nephews, Tim and Ben arrived at our house to stay a few nights while their mama and daddy went to the hospital to deliver Josiah.  He arrived Sunday but had some trouble breathing.  So we went to visit Meg and Scott, but didn't get to meet the baby. 

Monday all four big cousins went to school at Heritage!  And then we got to see the baby!  He is precious.  He is off the oxygen and is doing well.  We are so happy to welcome this sweet boy into our tribe!  We love having family here in Uganda.  And are so happy to be able to help Scott and Meg in these brand new days. 

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