Thursday, May 10, 2012

TIA: Becoming African

Pastor Kennedy and Caleb
As I stood outside in the setting African sun at the palace, I shared our upcoming schedule with Pastor Kennedy.  His response: "You guys are really becoming African."  He was referring to us opening our home to anyone who comes through.  We've been given an amazing home here in Uganda and we love sharing our space and our life with anyone who needs a place to stay.  If you're ever in Kampala- our door is always open!

Here is our current schedule:
May 6-8: Tim and Ben staying with us while Scott and Meg are at the hospital
May 8-12: Billy and Joanna Coppedge, and their four girls staying here.
May 13- June 8: Rachel Goss (Volunteer and a friend from Delanco Camp, NJ) staying with us helping at Heritage International School.
June 8-24: trip to Florida for Josh's brother's wedding.
May 23-July 22: Anna Leon (Volunteer) staying with us working with John and Beth Muehleisen. 

Pray with us that the Holy Spirit would anoint all of our interactions with our house-guests, and that He, the Comforter, would be near as we say many goodbyes to amazing people who come and stay, and then leave. 

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