Monday, June 25, 2012

Thankful for Here.

We're home from Florida.  phew.  so many people.  so many shops.  so little time!  the wedding was beautiful.  the beaches were delightful.  But I do not want to make that {36 hour} trip again any time soon. 

Our time was lovely.  We are so grateful to welcome another female into the Hallahan clan (welcome, Leah!!!!!).  But it is good to be home.  yes, I just wrote those words.  and i hope my family isn't hurt.  but it's true. this is where God created us to live and love and serve Him.  and we're grateful.  thankful also for Joy, at Gracefull Mama, who serves the Lord overseas and wrote THIS POST today!

today I am grateful for...

6524.  home
6525.  a clean house.
6526.  our puppy- so happy to see us
6527.  family crash nap time
6528.  boys reuniting with their toys
6529.  breakfast for dinner. a Sunday tradition.
6530.  late night playtime
6531.  boys finally in bed at 10pm.
6532.  sleeping through the night.  yes, we all slept!
6533.  strong coffee
6534.  boys still sleeping at 10am!
6535.  these happy, noisy, tropical birds.


  1. I hopped over from A Holy Experience. My first visit here...what a great list. Glad you are at "home" in your place of service.


  2. Family nap time is the BEST! Just found your blog today and glad I did!


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