Monday, July 02, 2012

memory making & summer bucket list

So, we made a bucket list at the beginning of June and we are crossing things off right and left!  In the process, we're making tons of great memories.  i love how that happens.  here are a few of snaps from our bucket list and my gratitude list for this week all rolled into one!

{bucket list #44.  play mini-golf}
time with family
trying new things
hole in one!
silly little boy stance

{bucket list #27: eat corn on the cob}

taste of summer in America
crisp and juicy, dripping down your chin
gathered around the table

{bucket list #6: go swimming}
summer sun
cool, clean water
free pool (free house, free car, we were blessed)

 {bucket list #1: go to the beach}
sand between my toes
sitting next to my man
bobbing in the gentle surf

 {bucket list #12: build a fort}
blankets, closets, and imagination
a great dad for our boys
a cozy spot to hide, play or rest

{bucket list #28: build a water wall}
little man's love for cleaning
turning junk into fun
water play on a warm day

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  1. Love your photos, too! So glad you've been having a relaxing and enjoyable summer with your beautiful family!


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