Thursday, July 05, 2012

TIA: "I love this country!"

I came home briefly on Friday and said to Kelly “I love this country!” In order to celebrate 4th of July the “right way” I felt the need to build a yard game for our BBQ. I decided “washers” was an appropriate and “easy” one to make even here in Uganda. So I began my journey for 2x4’s which is a lot more difficult than simply running to Home Depot or Lowes. I hopped in “wompus” (our Rav 4) and went to where I remember seeing some “timber” on the side of the road for sale. Indeed they had 2x4’s and the price was good enough for me- 7,000 a piece (shillings. not dollars. just under $3/piece) I only needed 2 and picked the two straightest pieces I could find. 

Then I went to put them in wompus. Problem! They wouldn’t fit by about 6 inches or so. Here in Uganda though there is always a way! My options were to either risk the safety of the numerous pedestrians and boda boda guys on the side of the road by letting the timber hang out the window or go borrow someone else’s car that is bigger. Neither option was I super excited about. However, a Ugandan man saw my troubles and approached me and said in broken English, “I have a bicycle. I deliver to you.” BRILLIANT! After explaining where I lived (knowing he didn’t understand me) he asked for 10,000 (again, shillings. Not dollars. roughly $4) and I was more than happy to pay. Another man translated for me where exactly I was and off my new friend John went with my 2 pieces of 2x4’s tied to his bike. 

Problem solved. I LOVE this country! -Josh

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