Monday, August 06, 2012

Endless Summer

We live in Uganda.  Surprise!  So the school holiday is coming to a close... but the glorious weather continues!  We love living in the land of perpetual summer... but I'm longing for a chill breeze to ruffle my curtains and signal that  The upside of that... our summer bucket list can keep right on hanging on our dining room wall!  We can still go to the pool next month when we need a break from "normal"!  Pure gift. 

I'm so thankful for the memories we made this summer and can keep on making:

painting like Monet
african sunsets
Birthday Boy blowing out 4 candles!
giraffes sauntering across the savannah
squeezing people we love from home- like Grambo!
Oympic fun- games, toys, watching, counting medals
building forts with Daddy
splash pool with friends

so grateful for these memory days and many more to come!

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