Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Tuesdays With Pastor Jerusalem

The Team at the Equator (minus Billy, taking the photo)
This week we will be highlighting the trip I, Josh, took to Beni DRC and Mbarara Uganda. The purpose of the trip was to make connections with different ministries and see how WGM may be able to minister in both of these areas. The team consisted of myself, Billy Coppedge, Scott Rambo, Josh Friedeman, Matt Burke, Rev. James Ouma and Kennedy Kirui. 

Pastor James, Pastor Jerusalem and Matt Burke
So today’s “Tuesdays with” is with Pastor Jerusalem (yes, like the holy city was how he introduced himself). Jerusalem is bishop of NLPCI (New Life Pentecostal Church International) there in DRC. He oversees several churches in the town of Beni and so he was more or less our “tour guide” for the 3 days we spent there. Jerusalem is a wonderful man who loves the Lord and his home country and desires to see the word of God spread. Jerusalem did a wonderful job connecting us with around 2 dozen pastors (many from outside his own denomination) and 2 universities in Beni. Jerusalem helped translate all of our meetings, as the 2 languages there are Swahili and French. Jerusalem set up all of our accommodations and meal times as well. We are so grateful for this man of God, his servant’s heart and willingness to allow us to come and visit.

Leone is the one in the middle, wearing green
You can be praying for Pastor Jerusalem and his church there in Beni and other parts of DRC. We were able to visit 2 of their local churches and ask that you pray over the churches of Timothy and Leone (female) as they seek to make an impact in their communities. Timothy requests prayer for the resources to finish his education here in Kampala and Leone asks for prayer to simply begin an education. She is illiterate but, believe it or not, is able to read the Bible and share the good news of Jesus with her church. Yes, you read that right! We serve an AMAZING God! Thank you for lifting up Pastor Jerusalem and these churches.

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