Friday, August 17, 2012

TIA: Driving Across the City

Cows are not that uncommon here.  Their horns are epic.  I still get amazed when I see them in the city.  Traffic Police are also not that uncommon here.  I still get a little nervous when I see them as I drive. 

The other day I was driving across to hang out with my friend Vanessa (who is very pregnant and does not need the stress of driving to my house).  As I assumed would happen- a traffic officer flagged me down and indicated for me to pull over.  I greet her warmly and offer her my driving license so she can confirm my stats.  The rest of the conversation goes something like this:

Officer: How is that tire??
Me: It is fine, thank you. (smile)
Officer:  I have no lunch today.
Me: Oh, I am very sorry.
Officer:  Where is my lunch?  You have my lunch for me?
Me: (realizing I packed boiled eggs to make salad for Vanessa and I) Yes!  Here you go, a cooked egg.  God bless you.
Officer: (smiles) Thank you, sister. You may go.
Me: Thank you. Good day.

Relief pours over me, as that could always go much worse than it did.  Caleb asks- "Why did you give that lady our food?".  And I reply, "Because we share our blessings."  She could have asked for a million different things- school fees, a bribe, my sunglasses, etc.  But she asked for lunch.  And I had food.  Isn't that just God's way?  If we're paying attention, He can use us to be a blessing. 

Who can you bless today?  What need lies in front of you that you can meet?

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