Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School Thanks

I'm not alone in the shock and awe of the first day of school.  Wasn't I just rocking this baby, and now he is in Kindergarten staying until 3pm?  The difference between last year and this year blows me away.  But I love that some things stay the same... we still love Finn McMissile and wrestling with Daddy!  I love that their personalities shine through in these pictures.  I was tempted to say, stand still, put your hands down... but this is them.  And I think they're just right.

So many things to be thankful for on this first day of school:

#6707.  our team gathered around our kids
#6708.  surrounding them with love and prayers
#6709.  sending them out to be lights
#6710.  a Christian international school (click HERE and HERE for prayer guides for HIS)

#6711.  brother love
#6712.  the excitement and anxiety of the first day
#6713.  the peace in letting them go with Him

#6714.  freshly sharpened pencils
#6715.  brilliant colors.
#6716.  new school supplies

#6717.  full day Kindergarten
#6718.  his own desk
#6719.  his eagerness to learn

#6720.  Five day Junior Kindergarten
#6721.  new toys to explore
#6722.  how he easily he makes friends

#6723.  the broad expanse of a morning to myself
#6724.  finding my own rhythm of the work day
#6725.  stillness and a cup of coffee.

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  1. Doesn't that first day brings tears to your eyes? I cried happy/sad tears when mine started kindergarten. Oh how fast they grow! Enjoy your newfound free time:) Visiting from


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