Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuesdays with...?

The birds sing from the trees.  A candle is lit.  The tea has been steeped.  I take a deep breath.  No one needs me.  Wait, was that just two consecutive thoughts I just had, without an interruption?   Sounds idyllic, doesn't it?

Back to reality.  It's Day #2 of the school year... and I think I'm already getting lonely.  I totally get what Emily was saying over at Simple Mom think if you could just make your kids disappear for a few days or once they are finally all school-aged... things would actually get done, or stay clean, or you'd finally have some time for yourself... and then you realize that "perfect life" you've been dreaming of isn't all that perfect after all, in fact, it's kinda boring. 

But, God is here.  So, here is good.  He is here.  So, today I'm going to sit down with Him and find out just what His plans are for me this week... this season.  This will take some time getting used to, but I'm looking forward to this new season of ministry.  Give me a few days to enjoy the silence... to be sad that my little boys go to school every day... to drink a whole cup of coffee before it turns cold... to wonder just what I'll do without them.  I'll figure out a new daily rhythm soon.  Until then, maybe there will be more posts than usual... or maybe less... we'll see!

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  1. Yup - just read that other blog too. Enjoy it, my friend! If you want more crazy come on over my way. :)

    But seriously glad for you in this new season of life. I wonder how God will use you and change you through it all!


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