Monday, October 15, 2012

homemade missions Day #15

We're transitioning this week from theory to practice.  Yes, a shift needs to occur in our thinking.  But then we actually have to do something!  We're moving outward a little today.  Baby-steps, people.  Last week we solidified and named our priorities- for me it's family.  And, in good faith, I apologized to my kids this morning for making them feel like "they don't rank" as top priority some days.  This series has been as good for me, as I hope it's been for you. 

Today, I want us to begin thinking about our homes, the places we live, because truly "in this inhospitable world a Christian home is a miracle to be shared." -Karen Mains, Open Heart Open Home

God has blessed us with His Holy Spirit, with spiritual gifts, and with homes and wealth beyond the imaginings of most people in the world.  The least we can do is offer them back to Him as our act of worship.  This is not my family, nor my home, nor my money... they are His!  And He may do with them as He sees fit.  I am merely a vessel of blessing through which He can reach a dying world. 

So, today, will you dedicate your home, your family and your possessions to Him?  Maybe you need to physically walk the halls of your home and turn each room, each member of your family over to His care.  Will you set aside time to cultivate a habit of hospitality?

Get ready, we're going to be looking at a few practical ways you can bless the nations right from your home!  Open that door, shake out the welcome mat and straighten those couch cushions!  We're opening up that sphere of influence this week!

I'm thankful this week for:
- this home with a wide open door
- these kids who love welcoming guests
- my husband who makes it possible
- food on the table
- beds to sleep in
- a gorgeous view
- an oval table that can always squeeze in one more
- Gloria
- a roof over our heads


  1. "in this inhospitable world a Christian home is a miracle to be shared." -Karen Mains, Open Heart Open Home LOVE THIS!!!!

    I think about our little coffee date in my living room that we shared before you headed out for's a cherished memory of mine and I'm thankful that God gave us that opportunity <3

  2. Wow! That quote! All the best with creating a wonderful home for your family and a welcoming home for those who will join you for fellowship there.

  3. Yes, agreeing with the other commenters that the quote you shared is a powerful statement. And I love what you say about dedicating it all to Him for that is the only way for something of eternal significance to happen.

    Thanks for linking up at Thinking About Home!

  4. I see that we have been influenced by the same book:)

  5. Great, great quote!

    I've never read her book but I bet I would agree with it all!


  6. Hi Kelly,

    Jumping from blog to blog today . . .

    Sounds like you approach life with intentionality. I admire that.


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