Saturday, October 27, 2012

homemade missions Day #27

the muffins are baked.  the dishes are done.  the beds need to be made.  furniture needs to be shifted around.  tidying needs to be done.  we're getting ready for guests around here!  2 guests arrive today (after we attend a birthday party).  And then 6 more arrive tomorrow.  Once most of them leave Wednesday, one more arrives.  And that is just this week!  I'm hoping to grab some time to tie up all our loose ends here at 31 Days of homemade missions- but maybe there will just be lots of pictures of us actually living it out! 

Today- spend some time in prayer- asking God for your own homemade missions assignment.  Could be your family, someone hurting at your church, a neighbor, a missionary on the other side of the globe needing a word of encouragement.  Whatever He calls you to, know that He has already given you power and provisions to obey! 

And some more resources for your weekend (forgive me if I've posted these already!):

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