Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesdays With Karen

Meet Karen, she has been the Women's Ministry leader as long as we have been here.  But she is finishing up her studies and will be handing over the leadership of Women's Ministry tomorrow night!  We are so thankful for her time, her skills, and her passion for God.  She has helped and organized at Women's Ministry meetings on Monday nights, Ladies Fun Days, Ladies Sleepovers, and much more! 

It is such a blessing and a curse to work with university students- a blessing because they are awesome and a curse because we will always be saying goodbye to awesome people as they graduate and move on!  But for now, we thank God for the opportunity to minister alongside these faithful students, and for the brief time our paths have intersected.  Our lives are richer because of these relationships, and so is the kingdom of God!

Will you pray for the university ministry as the baton of leadership is passed from one generation to the next tomorrow night?  Some of the leaders will stay the same, but others will be brand new.  Pray that God would anoint each leader with His Holy Spirit, and that His Spirit would go with those who are moving on.  That the ripple effect would spread from United Faith Church, into all of Africa for the glory of God!

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