Monday, November 12, 2012

the glory of women

God has graced this earth with so much beauty.  And one special place He birthed beauty is in the form of woman.  I am grateful to be surrounded with so many beautiful women.  This weekend we had a university Ladies Fun Day- and I was reminded of the glory and strength of womanhood.

numbering the gifts of womanhood in my life this week {6929-6947}

6929.  my small group gathered in my home
6930.  their smiling faces
6931.  their fear surprise at my kitchenaid hand mixer and the laughter that ensued
6932.  helpers in the kitchen, eager students

6933.  servants' hearts
6934.  strong arms
6935.  2 meals for 25 ladies for around $10.
6936.  a big pot of stew

6937.  conversations swirling around the room
6938.  laughter and delight in each others company
6939.  honest questions and answers
6940.  Your word to us as women

6941.  the joy of the Lord radiating
6942.  color. life. beauty. strength.
6943.  community. fellowship.  life together.
6944.  Your life filling us. Your Spirit making us one.
6945.  Your plan for each of these ladies
6946.  so many new faces
6947.  young believers eager to grow.

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