Friday, December 07, 2012

I'm not here.

"What I search for in My children is an awakened soul that thrills to the joy of My presence..." -Sarah Young, Jesus Calling

My soul is anything but awake.  Sleeping?  Distracted?  Busy?  Divided?  Bored?  Distant?


What is it that keeps my soul from thrilling at the joy of His presence????  Is there some idol-smashing that needs to happen?  Is there some little god on the throne of my soul?  Somewhere along the line I've failed to love Him with my whole heart.  I've been so distracted lately.  mindless.  just going through the motions..  I get a glimmer of awareness.  a flash of peace and joy.  then it disappears and I'm back to zoning out.   I've disengaged.  that's it.  I'm not all here. 

Yet, still He calls me to enter in.  Engage.  Here. Present.  Receiving.  Feeling.  I need to log off the internet and log into my own life and the people here.  I've been distant from Him, friends and family.

This Advent He beckons.  Awake.  Get ready.  Enter in.  Will you join me?  Wednesdays of Advent I'll post some more thoughts on how to live awake, what Advent really means for our hearts, and how to stay engaged.  But otherwise it'll be pretty quiet around here.  I need to re-engage in real life. 

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  1. I always approach advent with such intentionality,but then, I always come up short! Distracted, Disengaged, Disappointed, etc. I find myself grasping onto those moments and glimpses, how do we string them together so that they are unbroken. So that they are living, altogether? Looking forward to your wednesday posts <3 Have a beautiful and blessed Advent my friend <3


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