Thursday, December 13, 2012

Missing Him...

"The Word became flesh and dwelt among us..." -John 1:14

I want to see God.  I have this crazy notion that an hour of quiet time is where I will find Him.  I so often desire a heavenly vision- some glowing, glory moment- an incredible hour of solitude- an emotional, intimate prayer time.

And I miss Him because He comes unexpectedly... clothed in skin just like He did 2,000 years ago.  His people are still missing Him, I'm still missing Him, even though we've seen His M.O. before.  He came, not in a cloud of glory on a white steed, but wearing soft, pink skin in a feeding trough.  Utterly human.

"the work we do is only our love for Jesus in action, writes Mother Theresa.  if we pray the work... if we do it to Jesus... that's what makes us content."  that is what makes us content- the contented, deep joy is always in the touching of Christ- in whatever skin He comes to us in. -Ann Voskamp

I keep thinking if I get this quiet time thing right, I'll finally be holy.   But He doesn't just come in the quiet moments, He comes in the faces before us each day.  He is present in every moment, not just the holy ones.  And the glorious thing is- He comes in the mundane moments too.  If I will just see Him, He can transform those mundane moments into holy ones. 

Serve your kids, and you can serve Jesus.  Love on your husband, and you can love Him.  Each cup of cold water, or Christmas cookie- can be an offering to God.  If you do it for Him, He will tear down the wall between the sacred and the secular- and make all of your life His.

It's not nearly as tricky or complicated as I've been trying to make it.  I've been missing His face, because I didn't recognize His skin. 


  1. that's sooooo good!!! I think that we always look for the big bright moment, the long hours in a prayer closet or all of the righteous words one can muster, thinking these things will surely make us holy!! But thankfully, Jesus came in a humble way, entering into our mundane, every day world, so that He could walk with us no matter where we may be!

    I love that He is there through the dirty diapers, one line desperate prayers, He is there in the sanctified moments, the minutes gathered together to offer a thoughtful prayer.

    We cannot escape Him and yet, we still tend to miss Him. Thank you for the reminder to look for Him everywhere <3

  2. Yes, Kelly! So wonderfully said and I *get* it! Praying we both recognize Him today, friend. Much love, AJ


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