Monday, January 21, 2013

little bits of love

amazing, that when you pay attention... His love is everywhere...  some days {like today} You just sense Him smiling over you and grinning when you see another little bit of His love.  Other days {like yesterday} it's harder to see His hand anywhere because your eyes are glued onto your selfish self and all you're not getting.  It's all about perspective.

If only I could fix my eyes on Him everyday.  I guess that's the goal.  I don't intend to stay in that grumpy place- it just happens.  And it is work to get out of it.  Today I did the work.  And it is always worth- how do I keep forgetting that!

counting the ways He loves {excerpts from 7052-7088}

  • love that wakes with a puking kid
  • Your Love that carries me through the night
  • Your Love that makes me patient
  • love that treats to pastries
  • Your Love that turns an act of service into a blessing for my own heart
  • love that turns on lovely music and pours a cup of tea for little people
  • Your Love that prepares a table for me
  • seeing myself in right perspective
  • how You gently put me in my place
  • Your Love that meets our needs perfectly
  • a good nights sleep
  • Your Love that speaks to me personally
  • love that says "I'm sorry I was so grumpy yesterday, can you forgive me?"
  • Your mercies new every morning
  • bird songs welcoming the day
  • mist rising off the lake as I start my morning run


  1. Giving thanks with you. I'm right after you at Ann's. :)

  2. "Love that turns an act of service into a blessing for my own heart"... how true that His love leads us to this and he loves us back while we love others.


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