Monday, February 18, 2013

grate or ingrate...

every moment we have a choice.  we can receive it and give thanks for it, or we can reject it.  i haven't exactly been making good choices lately.  haven't written a word in my gratitude journal in a week.  and it's telling.

giving thanks now, for the moments i didn't give thanks for when i was in them:

     Roses on Valentine's day, wet from the rain.

    little man, happily occupied.  even though my kitchen utensils go missing often
    getting a nap yesterday, even though it was cut short by screaming boys
    your sustaining hand on Seth when he couldn't breathe in the night
    sore body after a good work out
    coffee after a long night

    Valentine's dinner without the boys, even though it was with the youth group from Heritage!

    fruit, honey and dates... sweet substitutes during this lenten fast
    an ER close by
    Jehovah Rapha- the God who heals
    Your nearness even when I wander

    women who love You and serve You here in Kampala

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    1. Hi Kelly :) I am a new reader of yours and fellow sister in Christ. I wanted to email you with a few questions about your ministry in Uganda. I have been looking all over your blog to find your email address and can't find it, do you mind sharing it?! <3



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