Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Plugging In to Love

We had a great time in Jinja with Josh's parents.  The weather was lovely, the pool was nice, a sermon was preached in the village and memories were made along the Nile River.  But vacation with kids isn't very restful.  And I entered the weekend exhausted.  So, what is a weary mama to do?

Plug in to Love.  I woke earlier than I wanted to today- but He met me.  Love came and He gave me what I needed for this day.  I'm still tired, but He is helping me.  I'm checking things off my to do list, and I'm gearing up to welcome my boys home from school.  Sadly, I don't see a real break in the near future, but I will keep abiding in Him and steal a 10 minute oasis every now and then. 

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