Monday, February 25, 2013

Not Enough...

"...near the place where they ate bread after the Lord had given thanks..." -John 6:23

They remembered the place.  It was memorable.  Jesus feeding 5,00 people.  But the miraculous thing, wasn't the food... the miracle was that He gave thanks for the "not enough."  Thank You for five loaves and two fish... in the face of 5,000 people.  What?! 

If I truly give thanks for the "not enough", He can do miracles.
"Jesus embraces His not enough... He gives thanks... And there is more than enough.  More than enough.  Eucharisteo always, always precedes the miracle." -Ann Voskamp
 Cracking open my gratitude journal again today.  It's been too long.  Gratitude.  I've been preaching it for 4 years, but I've fallen out of practice.  I need to give thanks for the "not enough" and let Him work His miracles.  I don't need to be delivered out of hardship.  I need to seek Him in the midst of it.

Giving thanks for the "old rags" and the "not enough" today:

7136.  not enough sleep.  You woke me anyway to meet You.

little mechanics "jump-starting" the "battery"
7137.  not enough good ideas to keep everyone happy.  but it's not my job anyway.
7138.  not enough banana pieces.  insert meltdown.  mine and Caleb's. grace exchanged in tears and a hug.
7139.  an hour peace.  not enough discipline to make it count.  resolve to do better tomorrow.
7140.  not enough kindness and compassion. reason for more prayer.

7141.  not enough bedtime stories- their love of books!

7142.  not enough energy- insert Cafe Roma where I can recharge.
7143.  not enough time with Josh.  cokes alone while the boys play. grateful I'm not in this alone all the time.
7144.  almost not enough pizza!  4 boys. 2 pizzas!
7145.  declaration: "I can't do this. I can't get out of bed." His gentle rebuke: "If you don't get out of bed to meet Me, you can't do this."
7146.  bread of life.  I can keep coming to You.  You never run out.
7147.  forgiveness for my disdain of the circumstances that push me into You.

7148.  an island of quiet. nap-time oasis.
7149.  not enough gratitude- open my eyes today.
7150.  not enough moments of snuggling this oldest one.  all too fleeting.
7151.  not enough quiet. it will be a quiet, lonely house all too soon.
7152.  already feeling more full feeding on the "not enough" today, than I did all day yesterday.
7153.  "Blessed are the poor in spirit." seeing why: the poor receive even scraps with gratitude.
7154.  not enough energy. Josh sending me for a nap.  2 hours. Out cold.
7155.  not enough fellowship with these women.  but I'll take what I can get.  Women's prayer meeting.

7170.  not enough minutes in the day to clean.  savoring moments. making people the priority.
7171.  not enough colors to do You justice.

7172.  a happy moment of creating
7173.  not enough space for all these creations.
7174.  You filling in the gaps.
7175.  not enough words to describe Your glory
7176.  not enough love to quell his tears.  but I can hold him. let You love him.

7177.  cannot get enough of this cuteness.
7178.  clinging to Your enoughness.
7179.  not enough sharing.  life lessons in preschool.
7180.  not getting enough work done. learning to just be.

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