Monday, March 04, 2013

By the Numbers: Our First Term

in which we recount {literally} some fond memories and astounding facts about our first term in Uganda:

first day of school: August 2011
  • ___?__: the number kilometers we've put on our little Rav4, Wompus, since May 2011
  • 2: the number of accidents that tough Rav4 has been in this term.
  • countless: the times Jesus has protected us on the road.
  • 4, 600 feet: the altitude of our house above sea level
Sunset from our back door
  • 7am-7pm: the time the sun rises and sets in Kampala
  • 1,000,000: the number of times we've told Siddeley, our puppy, "no" or "down" or "out" since he arrived in May 2012
  • 4: the largest number of ATMs in one day, in failed attempts to withdraw money.
University Ladies Sleepover: March 2012

  • 45: the number of women at our house for a "sleepover"
  • 75: the number of minutes it took for all my university small group ladies to show up last Tuesday
Sword Drill at Heritage International School
  • 27: the number of nationalities represented at Heritage International School
  • 5: the number of student testimonies in chapel at Heritage this year {related- 0: the number of student testimonies last year}!  God is on the move!
Our guest, Randy Goodgame, teaching the ukelele
  • 291: the number of nights we've had house guests {yes, that's 40% of our first term}
  • 37: the number of times Seth has called our guests "customers"...
  • 945: the number of coffee pots we've brewed. {one a day, and occasionally two}
Our own baseball team!
  • 10: the largest number of children living on this compound at one time {Coppedges, Rambos, and Hallahans}
  • 65: the number of days until Kelly and the boys get on a plane for America.
  • 26: the number of days Kelly and the boys have to survive without Josh.
  • 26: the number of days Kelly welcomes visitors and babysitters {just kidding, you can come babysit after Josh gets back} 
  • innumerable: our thanks and love to you who love us, pray for us, support us, encourage us and read our blog! {and that goes double for those who comment on our blog}
So grateful!


  1. when do you leave for home assignment?

    sounds like a pretty busy term... and we certainly identify with the safety on the road. i was in three accidents (with motorcycles doing things they shouldn't) in a period of about 9 weeks... i was ready to turn in my license.

  2. LOVE this update! Thanks for sharing with us!


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