Saturday, March 30, 2013

Where in the World have I been?

I'm hanging out in limbo: trying to savor the now and prepare for the not yet.  It's this tricky, weird place of transition.  And I don't know how to blog in it.  So, there may be more quiet to come... I'm not making any promises.  I'm not the only one who feels like this- my friend Vanessa just posted similar sentiments! 

There are days when I just try to be normal- like doing fun Easter stuff with my kids, coloring, playing in the sandbox, eating lunch at a favorite spot, grabbing coffee with a friend.  It's been a really fun Spring Break!  So strangely normal, and kinda in denial.  And then some friends get ready to leave Kampala, and we realize we actually have to say a real goodbye.. like we won't see them again in Uganda before we fly out. 

And I find myself sorting, tossing, planning, researching... somehow necessary, and yet somehow ignoring the now.  It needs to happen.  There can be no balance- it's an ebb and flow... with eventually more ebb than flow.  And then we will get on a plane and leave this place on May 8th.  I'm really glad it's not for good.  We're praying to be back in May 2014. **Stay tuned for information on our ministry focus for the next term!!! Jesus is leading!!!**

So, if it's unusually quiet around here, just say a quick prayer for us- that we would get everything done we need to, say goodbye well, and stay in the moment as much as possible.  We'd be grateful.  And if you're stateside and want to see us while we're in America then shoot us an e-mail and we will set something up!  It's sad to leave, but happy to see so many we love! 

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