Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Going Dark...

...I will read a good book..
Josh is safely home.  It was a happy weekend, Jesus really sustained us.  But we both realized that if 5 days apart felt long... what are we going to do when we're an ocean apart for a whole month? 

So, I'm going dark.  Logging off. Saying no to facebook, and blogging, twitter and pinterest.  For one week.  I'm going to savor the best things in life.  I'm going to hug my family tighter.  I'm going to eat wholesome, nourishing food.  I'm going to breathe deep this glorious african air.  I want this place, this season, indelibly printed on my heart.  I'm going to linger over coffee with good friends.  I'm going to write in my journal, with a pen.  I will hand-write notes.  And I will read good books, like Bread and Wine, that instigated this whole post in the first place:
"I realized that the really major things were happening all around me, and that more often than not, I had been missing them because my phone had become an extension of my hand, and what it said to people, essentially, is that just being with them isn't enough.  This view of the ocean? Not enough.  Your story? Not enough." -Shauna Niequist, Bread and Wine.

...like swapping stories with a kindred spirit...

This book is messing with me in all the right ways.  Something in it resonates with me.  It's like swapping stories with a kindred spirit in your cozy living room, and leaving transformed and enlightened {after having a really good laugh and/or cry}.   So, I want to be present.  I want to live my life and write my own story.  I want to surround myself with beautiful women, and eat delicious food, and hug my boys... I'm taking a deep breath, and entering into my own story.  I'll be back next Tuesday.

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  1. so many times I am convicted about this extension of my hand and the make pathetic excuses to justify it. that book sounds....well, honestly, sounds like something my selfish flesh would not want to read :/ I should probably get it!!!

    Enjoy your week!!!!


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